I know that some people think that New Year’s resolutions are silly. For me setting these goals for myself gives me something to work towards and it gives me a sense of accomplishment at the end of the year when I can look back and say I kicked ass this year look at everything that I did!
Check out JPP’s goals for 2013!
  • Continue making new connections and strengthen the connections that I have
  • Upgrade my gear I would like to add a lens and upgrade my camera body
  • Learn new things (editing styles; organizational skills, shooting techniques)
  • Go to a workshop (either online or in person) Do you have a workshop that you recommend? Please leave it in the comments.
  • Continue to take pictures every day! Session or no sessions the best way to improve skills is to practice them!
  • Build a bigger better Brand. Every year my business has grown and my goal this year is to continue that growth.
  • Get published
  • Double the number of facebook fans that I have (276)
  • Host a stylized shoot. This is something that I have wanted to do for the last two years and this year I am going to make it happen!
  • Create office hours. So that clients know when they can reach out to me and so that I have designated times (that are not 2 am to work on editing)
  • Print images for my HOME. This is terrible I know I have thousands (millions) of images and I am terrible about printing them!
  • Share the knowledge. In my journey I have been so blessed by helpful photographers that I want to try and pass that on to someone who is just starting out (if you know someone send them my way)
  • Give back. There are so many wonderful opportunities for photographers to be able to give back this year I will join one of those!

**Long Term Goals**

My ultimate long term goal is still to be able to work full time as a photographer…I know that it won’t happen overnight but all of my goals lead up to this and the plan is for this to happen by the time Rickey is in kindergarten.

There they are! I can’t wait to get 2013 started! Stick around and see  how I do this year!
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