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Last year I posted goals for 2012 now lets see how I did! I would say all in all that I had a pretty great year! Stay tuned for what changes and new goals I will be making for 2013!

PhotobucketMake new connections  I still belong to the Photo Betties and Pixel peeps. I also am a part of the Snap Shop Mamarazzi which is like a sorority of momtographers who have taken a workshop with Caitlin Domanico which I highly recommend!

PhotobucketUpgrade my gear  I purchased a new lens an 85mm which at first I loathed but now I rarely take it off of my camera! 

PhotobucketLearn new things (editing styles; organizational skills) Thanks to the glory of pinterest I have learned a LOT about organization and I am slowly incorporating into my daily life!

PhotobucketGo to a workshop I attended a workshop that was taught by Caitlin Domanico it was a great back to basics workshop that looking back I wish that I had been able to take back when I first started!

Photobucket Photo credit Caitlin Domanico
PhotobucketContinue taking pictures every day! Thanks to instagram I definitely do this! Again I can say that I do need to be taking my camera out more and using it but Iphone or camera I am still taking pictures!

PhotobucketBuild A Bigger Brand What this really should say is build a Kardashian like empire (ok so that’s a long term goal) JPP as a brand is getting bigger and better every year. I have been trying to find my niche in the photography world and that niche is toddler/family photography. I have continued to build on this and will continue to do so next year… but I have so many ideas whirling around in my head that I want to be more than just a photographer (when did I become such an entrepeneur?)

PhotobucketGet More Organized I am still working on this but this year is definitely better than the years past!

I also can check some goals off of my bucket list that were not on here…

Getting Published – this picture is published in an advertisement for Pint Size Planners On page 103 in the BUMP digital Philadelphia edition


Getting on The Air – In November I was interviewed by Kimberle Levin on the Montgomery County Community College’s radio station about being a The Female Entrepreneur – super exciting! As soon as the link is available to hear the interview I will share it!

Get in Front of the Camera – I have been pretty good about this and Rickey and I get our pictures taken at least once a year… and I try to make sure that I get a picture of just me…here I am with my camera (and one with Rickey)



Photo Credit again goes to Caitlin Domanico

My long term goal of being a full time photographer is what this will all lead up to! Not today, maybe not tomorrow but hopefully by the time Rickey is in kindergarten!