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I think that every photography is excited to get their first assistant. The only problem with mine is a don’t think that he really understands the value of my gear! I hate to admit that this was not the first time, and probably will not be the last that he has picked up my camera! The crazy thing is he knows just what to do…see the neck strap…I did not assist him in any way!

Sorry for the blurry picture but I did not want to miss these moments and I want to grab the camera right after I took this shot!

So as you can see I have a budding photographer on my hands! Soooo when I was presented with the opportunity to review the new Kid-Tough See Yourself Digital Camera from Fisher Price. I knew that Rickey would be more than happy to assist me! Rickey is no stranger to helping me write reviews for both Pint Size Planners and Mama Cheaps so he knew exactly what to do…he played while I figured out what to write!This camera definitely cute and very tough – trust me we dropped it a few times – guess he needs the neck strap!Rickey’s favorite feature of this camera is the swivel lens that allowed him to take his own pictures! This camera also has the option to add special effects to the photographs and the camera can also record videos! What more could a kid want!

Check out this list of super cool features:
• Records video with sound! • 180 degree swiveling lens
• Fun special effects & stampers
• Big buttons—easy for little hands to use • Child-friendly controls—no reading required
• 4X digital zoom
• Stores up to 1,000 pictures
• SD card slot to expand memory
• Convenient wrist strap
• Low-light performance—no flash needed
• 1.8” color screen lets kids see who & what they’re shooting
It also comes in bold blues and greens for boys and pretty pink and purple flowers for girls!
The Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera is for ages 3-7 and retails at around $70.00
 Check out Rickey taking some pictures!



** Please excuse all clutter seen in photographs here…but our house is lived in! **