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One of the goals that I had for myself this year was got to a workshop. CHECK! Yesterday I went to the Snap Shops: Oh, Snap! Back to the Basics/Shooting on Manual Philadelphia Photography Workshops for Women hosted by Caitlin Domanico…who you might recall has photographed my family once or twice or maybe three times so far!

I was unsure about attending this workshop because I do shoot in manual…BUT the last time that I went to a class/workshop about the technical aspect of shooting was back in high school (eek) So I knew that a refresher course would be good for the busy spring season starts!

This class was small so we could get lots of individual attention and Caitlin did an amazing job of breaking down the basics of photography! Caitlin is such an inspiration and I am so glad that I was able to find the time to take this workshop! Thanks Caits! (lol)




These photos were taken by Caitlin Domanico!