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Finding the balance between being a mom (and a good mom) and a photographer is so difficult. Balancing time with the family and sessions and paperwork and networking and all of the other crazy things that we entrepreneurs do is a juggling act!

The reason that we are momtographers is because we want to capture moments like this….


What you can’t see in these pictures is that Rickey’s shirt says “TROUBLE is my middle name” you also can’t see this…

PhotobucketHim standing on his “train” table so he can see out the window.

I hate to admit it but I’m sure that me photographing him when he is in “trouble” is probably not the best reinforcement not to do things like stand on his table! But do you see those big blue eyes in those pictures? And that light? Come on! Who could blame me!  Rest assured at no time was his safety in jeopardy or I would not have stopped to photograph him!