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Last year I posted goals for 2011 now lets see how I did!

PhotobucketMake new connections (network baby!) I joined the Photo Betties and I recently joined a Facebook group for Photographers called Pixel peeps. Having a network of photographers to talk to and bounce ideas off of is so important to me! 

    • Upgrade my gear (I am always dying to do this but try to control myself) Well I a giving myself a half check for this because I didn’t buy a new camera or new lenses but I did purchase new software so it kind of counts! 

PhotobucketLearn new things (editing styles; organizational skills)

PhotobucketRebrand ( getting the JPP website up and going was beyond frustrating for me and I gave up – and had someone take over – but I need it to be a better representation of me – so I think I’m gonna have to get my hands dirty!) This might have been down to the wire but it is done! Have you checked out the new look thanks to Nicole from Techmomogy – LOVE it!

PhotobucketGo to a workshop (either online or in person – they are so fun and the best way to learn and network – and I could cross off a couple of these resolutions all at once if I do that!~) I attended a great workshop with the Photo Betties that was taught by Isabel March on using Lightroom!

PhotobucketTake pictures every day! Session or no sessions (and I don’t mean just taking pictures of my baby! Cause I really do that every day!) I can honestly say that I do a very good job at this and like I said it may just be with my cell phone – but I have definitely taken my camera out more and more!

So there they are! I didn’t do half bad! Stay tuned for this years goals!